From 1950s pin-up styles to 90s grunge, some fashions never go out of style. It is always a pleasure to revisit the aesthetics from a different era and take a mental note and garner inspiration from it. Sometimes you become nostalgic, other times you discover remarkable pieces you would have otherwise not known.

Starting of 2019, let’s take a look back and pay tribute to this awesome, nostalgic past.

Retro fashion commemorates to a time period and displays the finest looks of a generation. From fur-clad 60s to 70s disco glam to 80s shoulder pad ensembles, everything old is new again. Retro fashions highlight the past and help others to remember their fashion histories and reinvent their look in the present. Stylist Alya Nassar takes us back in time to reminisce the good old days of fashion.


“The 20’s Jazz age”

Dress: Valentino – dstore

Fur Jacket: LIU.JO – dstore

Bag: Charles & Keith

Scarf: Salvatore Ferragamo – dstore

Boots: Charles & Keith

There is nothing like the winter coats of the Jazz Age. Their curved shapes with large fur collars created a cocoon of warmth and style that has yet to be duplicated. Adding a little black dress underneath; with a different type of fabric on the sleeve to give a touch of contrast to the furry look. Styling the hair with silver flashy pins to glamorously finish the look and glamming it up with crocodile leather boots

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 9.53.02 AM

“The 50’s Power suit era”

Heels: Charles & Keith

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger

Gloves: Jay

Tie: dstore Men

Glasses: Charlie max – Jay

Orange Coat: Tommy Hilfiger

Looking like James Bond and stating that women have no boundaries when it comes to clothing, they should wear whatever they want, whenever they want.

Wearing a full plaid suit could never go wrong, adding a touch of femininity on her feet, bold cut crease makeup and a flashy orange coat to add contrast with the suit.

“She was in a man’s world, and she had to look the part.” 

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.02.09 AM

“The swinging 60’s decade”

Red Fur Poncho: Burberry – dstore

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Pants: dstore

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo – dstore

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.03.35 AM“The 70’s ‘Me’ Decade “

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Pullover: Tommy Hilfiger

Tie: dstore

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger

Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Rings: Jay

Hat: Tommy Hilfiger

We always look for comfort, sometimes it used to be comfort before style. But we added here comfort with style, wearing a menswear shirt and pullover; still having a feminine element with cinched waists, an addition of rings, heels, a hat and pastel colors that style the whole outfit.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 9.38.57 AM“The 80’s flashy decade”

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Earrings: Alia Khafaga – Jay

Shirt: Fazzali – Jay

Jacket: Dress Differently – Jay

Pants: Recesses – Jay

Getting ready for a dinner night out with a flashy long vest and grey high-waisted pants and makeup with no boundaries; except the undone hair left her freaking out.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.09.37 AM“The ’90s Denim-on-Denim”

Denim Jacket: Calvin Klein

Pants: Calvin Klein

T-shirt: Calvin Klein

Glasses: Nile Eyewear – Jay

Sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger

An effortless denim on denim look with slightly different tones, an impeccable wet hair look and of course a touch of red lipstick brings us all the way back.

“When double denims are done right, it really is one of the best looks.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.17.13 AM