As part of City Center’s Spring It On festivities, they hosted CCAL Fashion Lounge, where Alexandria’s loveliest ladies gathered for a day of fashion fun. The event took place in City Center Mall, Alexandria. Beauty talks were given by some of Egypt’s leading experts and designers including Amina Shelbaya, Dr. Amin Sharobim and Alagabany Fashion Marketing Consultancy. A pampering booth was set up by Ahmed & Abdou Beauty Salon, in which attendees were treated to manicures and make-up. The cherry on top of a fabulous day was SEETHRU’s favorite Egyptian fashion designer, Farida Temraza. The famed designer featured her line Temraza in a stunning fashion show. The showcase included gorgeous gowns that perfectly combine edgy and feminine into one sexy mixture. Once again, Temraza has succeeded in taking our breath away!12933051_10156833970385083_7786901623544643083_n 12957648_10156836539145083_131369787631743374_o 12961212_10156834774100083_5899041675208094334_o 12976890_10156834826650083_373407592243539903_o 12983257_10156834838250083_5514645709223542749_o 12957498_10156834770070083_4288617384731263237_o 12961212_10156834774100083_5899041675208094334_o 12967406_10156834846790083_145090821903091254_o 12970823_10156834830010083_7876915121416698956_o 12977190_10156834766235083_5446391826003438123_o 12983348_10156833948105083_8953330021740785173_o 12983926_10156834793035083_7730284977348673704_o 12998506_10156834799465083_8623553270278996872_n