Chances are, we could all work on saving more money. And January is a great time to get started. So what is the 52-week money challenge?

Basically, during week one, put $1 in a saving account (or stashed away somewhere you won’t be tempted to reach into before the end of the 52 weeks). Whoever said ‘out of sight, out of mind’ was on point here. Week two, put away $2 and so on until week 52, i.e. on week 52 you’d be putting away $52.

Use this chart to see how your entire year will play out:

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.43.58 PM

So, at the end of one year, you’d have $1,378 saved up! You can also do this backwards. For instance, on week 1, put in $52, then $51 and so forth until you put in just $1 on the last week of the challenge.

Let’s adapt this to Egyptian pound, shall we? If you’d like to save 13,780 LE in one year, go ahead and save 10 LE on week 1, 20 LE on week 2, and so on. Want to save more? Make it 20 LE increments. Less? 5 LE increments… hey, even half of 13,780 LE is a good chunk of cash.


Here are some people who have completed this challenge and have bragged about it on Instagram!   

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52 Sundays. #52weekmoneychallenge complete! My goal was to put in at least $60 a week this year for a $3120 total. Ended with $4000 with a roughly $77 a week average. Next year the challenge for me is $100 for each Sunday so $5200! Started putting $100 away each week for like two months now so I already know what leaving $100 behind each week feels like so I GOT THIS!!!!!! Also did a $10 bill challenge starting in like March because I noticed that a lot of time where I needed to pay $10 or something that could have used a $10 bill but would only have $5s in my wallet. On top of that, when the ATMs at my bank started letting you choose what bills you wanted, $10 wasn't an option so I was just curious on how often I'd end the day with a $10 bill in my wallet. Ended with $450 in $10s…

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