The DIOR CARO bag is an original expression of the Dior symbols. The bag was manufactured in the house’s workshops in Italy, with distinguished craftsmanship that combines delicate touches with exceptional materials.

Made of calfskin, this bag comes in two sizes and in timeless colors such as black, gray, beige and ivory. It also comes in charming hues, as the intensity of red and softness is borrowed from sky blue, mint green and pink (Compass Rose).


The Junior Edition is also available in three exclusive, enhanced models, featuring short-wool sheepskin and raw denim, or interspersed with the glamorous Tie & Dior at the 2021 Cruise Fashion Show. Bold, a new symbol of Dior’s signature style.


This bag is also distinguished by its handcrafted manufacturing process, which demonstrates the craftsmanship of the Dior artisans. The racket that the house is famous for. After that, the delicate gold Christian Dior seal is affixed to the bag, and at the next stage the metal accessories decorated with the precious CD signature are affixed, from chain to clasp. Needless to say, Dior know what they’re doing with every design they have in stock.