It’s on! This is #ExpressThru’s third contribution.


What is the definition of friendship? In the dictionary, it is defined as the “the state of being friends” or the “relationship between friends”. Friends come in many shapes and forms. There are countless types of friends that we can all definitely relate to.

  1. El Tayha

This friend remembers nothing. She is always lost in every group outing because she doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about. She’s the kind of friend who always forgets her stuff everywhere, the one who has to always be reminded of important events. This type is the most dangerous because one day she may even forget about your friendship, call it early Alzheimer’s.

  1. The Sloth

This is the most annoying type of friend–and I’m personally guilty of this one. This person doesn’t like socializing, prefers watching tv series at the comfort of her own bed over going out with friends. Comes up with a ton of lame excuses just to avoid showing up to birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, etc. Comes up with even lamer excuses to avoid seeing friends what-so-ever. “The Sloth” is usually the one who sits in bed and watches TV shows as she gradually loses friends.

  1. The Loud One

This person causes “a fedeeha” most of the time when you are together. She would be the one who is laughing and speaking to the point of breaking the sound barrier. This person will probably be seen around people who bow their heads down in shame, cover their faces with their hands or even a paper bag to hide their shame.

  1. The Ray of Sunshine

Did you ever have that friend who is always happy in the morning? The one who shows up to college or work wearing the biggest smile on their faces? Like what are you happy about mate? J It’s 8 o’clock in the morning! These people are always a cause of aggravation because they’re just that much annoying. Stop being happy and be a Debbie downer, it’s much more fun.

  1. El Sah bass Ghalat

This person no one ever argues with, not because they’re intimidated by her, but because they won’t reach a solution after hours and hours of arguing. She is the kind of person who will never admit that she is wrong, she may not even have a valid reason for standing by such ideas, but you’re still wrong. She may even hit rock bottom and come up with absurd points just to hold her place at being right. These people maybe found at rehabilitation centres or mental institutions because at the end of the day, their friends wouldn’t find them tolerable.

  1. El Gamda Awi

El bent dih kolo shayefha gamda awi, she is the kind of person who never misses a party, always up to date with the latest events and previously reserves her ticket just in case. This is the kind of person people usually call a ‘party animal’. Sadly enough, this person is always getting so much hate from other people but they’re secretly wishing they were in her place.

  1. El Fashionista

El type da men el friends is especially hard to deal with. They are always handing you their phone to take pictures of their outfits so they can post it on instagram with the hashtag #ootd. You will always find yourself being dragged to the mall. They’re always on their phone to check their instagram follower/likes count. Their biggest nightmare is a late clothes delivery before an important event. This kind of people is increasing day by day and god only knows.. instagram is flooded with them.

  1. El Ghayrana

Do you ever just go hang out with a group of friends to find someone who is not enjoying their day, not enjoying the company and wants to to kill everyone? This is “El Ghayrana”. This person gets upset over EVERYTHING. If two friends are talking about a previous encounter that she doesn’t know of, if they decided to go out once without her or even if they saw each other as a coincidence. Hell will break lose if she found out that two of her closest friends made plans without including her – not intentionally of course.

  1. Selfie Queen

The one who is stuck to their snapchat taking selfies till the battery runs low. Yes, this is called a ‘Selfie Queen’. This person will document your life on snapchat, they will call you out on anything that you’ve said because they have recorded proof. This person you need to be very cautious around because they may hold what you say against you later on. They may also ruin your life if you said something you weren’t supposed to say and posted it all over social media.

  1. El Lover

Our friend who is always having new boyfriends and a million crushes. This person comes every week to show you her most recent victim, the thing is, she never settles at one guy. She is always out to get you, so if you’re a guy, watch out!