By Zeina Kotb

Hundreds of thousands of people have been changing their social media profile pictures into a specific shade of blue. The crisis happening in Sudan has taken over the internet. Social media has been doing it’s job and making the horrifying issue in hand go viral. Many stories have surfaced all our feeds. But why blue?


During a sit-in demonstration in Sudan, Mohamed Matter lost his life. Mohamed Matter got shot while protecting two women from the militia. Like many before, this story made its way onto social media. But it was taken one step forward. Many people started changing their social media profile picture into the blue shade Mohamed had as his profile picture. Making that their sign of respect for Mattar and for the Sudanese people and making #BlueforSudan go viral. Blue has been a symbol of solidarity ever since.


Now you know! If you’d like to use your social media platforms to spread awareness about the Sudan Crisis, go blue!