By: Reem Eid

  1. Best Picture award went to the wrong nominee.


You’d think that the biggest event in film industry would be foolproof, and should go without a halt or error. But last night’s Oscars had an unprecedented mistake: the award for Best Picture was wrongly given to the cast of La La Land. They were midway into their acceptance speech when one of the producers spoke into the mic, “we lost by the way”. All things aside, we appreciate how gracefully and goodheartedly they handled the situation.



  1. Mahershala Ali set the record for the first Muslim actor to ever win an Oscar.


Last year’s Oscar came under lots of fire for not being diverse enough. This year however saw the first Muslim actor to ever win an Oscar. Mahershala Ali received the award for his outstanding performance in Moonlgiht.


  1. It is the first time a Harry Potter film ever won an Oscar.


Despite being one of the biggest franchises in history, this marks the first time the franchise has ever won an Oscar. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them received an award for Best Costume Design.



  1. Kimmel posted his most retweeted tweet ever.. to Donald Trump


A simple “u up?” garnered more than 200K retweets. The often twitter-active President did not reply.


  1. OJ: Made in America is the longest film to ever win an Oscar…

With an impressive running time of more than seven hours!