Even though our parents told us lies to get us to do things, we managed to come out as somewhat normal human beings. But as of now, we can’t help but go over these lies now and think “how in the world did we believe that?!”


  1. The famous “el akl 7ayegri warak law makhalastesh taba2ak”


  1. Mate7walesh 3ashan Law e7walet 3enak mesh 7aterga3 tani


  1. When you ask your mom how she found out you ate fast food in school and she says “el 3asoura aletli”


  1. When you ask Santa for a puppy and your mom says Santa doesn’t deliver animals, he only delivers toys


  1. Sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyesight


  1. Being too close to the microwave while its running will deform your future babiesnnn
  1. If you swallow your gum, it will stay in your stomach for seven yearsmmm
  1. If you eat a watermelon seed, a tree will grow inside your stomach


  1. Cracking your knuckles will make your fingers wider


  1. If you don’t stop crying your tears will fall outyyy