Good quality meat: is it worth the extra few pounds? The Butchery’s visit rather than the general supermarket visit? Too right it is. Not much beats a good local butcher. Because, unlike their supermarket equivalents, ethicality, traceability and quality are among the things that actually matter. Charro’s Butchery, newly opened in Kafr Abdou, Alexandria, worth a visit.  A butchers shop full of flavour, goodness and honesty.

It will be Known as the family butcher, for their warm and friendly ambience. Charro’s Butchery provides the community with organic and free range meat..  Be sure to taste their sausages, traditionally made with the finest ingredients.

Charro’s Butchery is one of the most gratifying places epicures can visit in Alexandria, and here is why.

1- Their core range of beef comes from their local farm,  hand selected by the founders themselves; using a variety of breeds from a range of farms across the world. For over 25 years, the farm  delivers produce fit for any meat lover. Each piece of meat that they cut has been raised naturally, and lived the best possible life free from growth promoters, hormones and cruelty. They know where their meat came from, what it was fed and how it was raised. DSC_4153


2- Their native-breed meat is cut to your requirements by their skilled and expert butchers.


3- There you’ll find top-range cuts alongside more atypical options, a large part of which is from animals reared on their farm in Burj Al Arab, Alex. Their history is as impressive as their repertoire.


4- The cuts are packaged into specially designed insulated boxes, with high-tech packs that keep the products cool.

5- Your order arrives with you perfectly chilled, always fresh; they never freeze their meat.

6- Special cuts ready to cook strong in flavour and succulence with amazing marbling.


7- Charro’s Butchers know how to leave a customer happy and their plates full.


8- The staff are highly knowledgeable and available to talk through any meat with you.

9- The atmosphere: Sleek, shiny and new—this shop is a beauty: High style. This is a boutique buying experience. Walls at the new Charro’s Butchery store are lined with jars of pickles, marinades, brand-name barbecue sauces, fancy crackers and the like.


10- It’s a green-minded meat eater’s paradise, featuring all local and natural meats.



The fact there’s normally a sizeable queue suggests it’s no secret among the people of Alexandria already . What they come for is the well-marbled cuts, like Filet mignon, porterhouse, Rib eye, strip loin, top sirloin  Add on to that a good choice of the quality and age of meat.