It’s not so often that you come across an Egyptian singer with the potential to make it into the international scene. Meet Malak El Husseiny, the 22 year old taking Egypt by storm. She is one of the few upcoming singers that chooses to deliver her tunes in English, and she is incredible at it!

  1. She auditioned for X Factor in 2015


2.She started writing songs at the age of 17.


Malak grew up with music being her passion, but at the young age of 17, she started taking it seriously and writing her own songs. She considers it therapeutic to let out her emotions into songwriting.

3.People often tell her she resembles Lana Del Rey.


Even though their voices are completely different, she has gotten used to people telling her she resembles Lana. That may be because they both rely heavily on the 1960’s for their musical personas, as well as their avant-garde music production style, but that is where the similarities end.

4.She recounts The Beatles and The Doors amongst her musical influences.


5.She is half-Lebanese and she’s got smoldering eyes.


If it wasn’t enough awesome for the singer to be Egyptian, she has Lebanese roots in her as well!

6.She has her own fashion line.


Apart from being crazy talented in singing, Malak also has some of her passion rooted in fashion design. When she was just 20, she launched her own fashion brand, Native. Talk about accomplishments!

7.Social media is her playground.

She has a huge following on social media outlets, including Youtube (120K+ views), Instagram (82K followers), and Facebook (88K likes).

8. She is best friends with Tara Emad and Sherif Fayed.
Taylor Swift’s squad can move aside now, we have our own A-team!
9.She met Gerard Piqué…
.. and our hearts melted. That is too much goodness in one picture. We don’t know what Shakira would do if she knew that.image5-5image4-8
10. You can expect more Arabic songs from her in the future.
Even though her main focus is English, the singer recently said that she is looking forward to writing and recording more songs in Arabic.
11. She slayed her WYF’s performance in front of Egypt’s President in Red dress and we’re obsessed!
Malak represented Egypt in the official song too with Sharnoubi.Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.43.28 AM944529-Malak-El-Husseiny-Egypt-copy