| By: Farida Abou el Dahab

Many of us attend yoga classes weekly if not daily. Whether you go to a studio or practice at home, performing a sequence of poses perfectly does not make you a yogi.

Here are a few signs that show if your yoga practice is turning into a way of life.

1- Morning meditation is becoming ritual.

Just like having your morning coffee or tea, meditation is becoming a part of your routine. Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour, you desperately need your alone time.

2- You sit cross-legged 99% of the time.

You’re making a habit out of sitting in Sukhasana or lotus and you find yourself crossing your legs at dinner or at work.

Photo By: Youssef Tayeh Farida Abou El Dahab | Photo By Youssef Tayeh

3- You pay more attention to your breath.

You take the time to stop and check in with your body and the pattern of your breath. You’re always aware of the messages your body is trying to deliver.

4- You’re developing your own positive approach to food

You know your body, you know what’s good for you and what’s not and you make your decisions accordingly.
No more strict dieting or binge eating.

5- You’re starting to love your body

You stopped obsessing over the way your body looks like and you’re slowly starting to admire what it’s capable of.

6- You’re developing a personal relationship with your yoga teacher.
The time you spend together learning from each other only brings you closer.

7- You stopped judging yourself and other people

You’re at peace with your past and you’re completely aware of the fact that it’s only human to make mistakes. You also understand that this applies to everybody else around you. You no longer rush to judge others because you know there’s more to everybody than what meets the eye.

8- Your sleeping patterns are changing.

You don’t mind going to bed early to attend a morning yoga class or to squeeze in a home practice before you go to work.

9- You pack your mat when you go on vacation because your day doesn’t feel complete unless you do you practice.

10- You enjoy being barefoot more than anything.

You might spend days without putting any shoes or socks on. You also understand the importance of the feet in your practice and you do your best to explain that to students who insist on wearing socks on the mat.

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