By: Hana Kotb

  1. “Te2by tekalemeeny lamma tekhalasy.” OR “Hakalemak lamma akhalas.”

Why can’t we just say goodbye on the phone without having to promise to call back? What’s wrong with a plain old “Okay, bye!”



  1. “Ana lessa nazla…” OR “Ana fel asanseir khalas…”

Egyptians have a special timing system than no one else knows about. Being 30 minutes late is on time for us! So when we say, “I’m in the elevator,” we mean we just stepped out of the shower.



  1. “3o2bal 100 sana!”

We don’t literally want to see you turn 100 years old. It’s just something we say… and we really don’t know why!



  1. “Wa7ashteeny awy awy awy awy!”

If the number of awy’s surpasses three… she’s lying.


  1. “Ma3ayeesh faka.”

Change is sacred to all Egyptians, so if someone wants it, you lie about having it!



  1. “Ba2aly 20 sa3a fel sekka.”

20 hours? Really? Were you driving to Sudan or what?


  1. “Ma7atetsh wala no2tet samna.”

Egyptian food is full of butter and ghee, so as we become more health-conscious, our mothers start lying so that we can eat their cooking. Who are you kidding, mom, I can literally see the grease!



  1. “27la 3arousa fel 3alam!”
    Every girl looks gorgeous on her wedding day. But not every girl is the most gorgeous bride in the world (especially when you had just said this white lie to your other friend last weekend!)



  1. “Habtedy mozakra tany esa3a 8.”

The everlasting study break! But will you go back to studying at 8?


  1. “Magalish el missed call.”
    Really? Where did it go then?