It’s difficult to think of any one item of clothing that has had quite as colorful a history as the humble hoodie. We can’t stop scrolling through Instagram without discovering a new hoodie business launching, but every design and concept impresses us more day by day. We’ve even tried a few ourselves and we’re in love with the coziness and quality each business offers along with the unique designs that are perfect for street style looks this season.

1- Funk Du Cáire:

Funk Du Cáire may only have one hoodie design since their brand is all about graphic t-shirts, but it is mainly focused on the Egyptian identity regarding the empowering design on the back of their products. We absolutely love the shade of green they chose for their iconic hoodie and the text on the back. Ever since hoodies became a legit way to look smart and put together, labels that specialize in well-made basics have done what they do best with a garment; that’s what Funk Du Cáire does that regularly makes us feel all fuzzy inside. They also guarantee zero shrinkage and a 100% ethically made Egyptian cotton hoodies.

2- Young Noise:

EDITORS’ PICK: Their hoodie collection is all about the vintage feel, so if you’re into that, you’re in for a treat. Their heavyweight and cozy materials, oversized fit and empowering designs on their new collection makes Young Noise hoodies a pretty good deal, don’t you think?

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3- YOUTH: 

The new “Love At First Sight” collections include beautiful white hoodies with renaissance design and pattern on the hood along with a pair of half and half sweatpants to complete the look. The material is 100% cotton made from the softest fleece fabrics for maximum warmth. This item is sure to be your #1 go-to hoodie when it’s chilly and not to mention, you’ll be super warm AND in style!


A mix between old authentic Egyptian designs and modern hoodies come to life! With all your vintage arabic sayings on your everyday hoodie.

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5- In Your Shoe:

We’re incredibly impressed by their statement hoodies with the funky Egyptianized designs on the warmest and most comfortable material, probably the softest hoodie you’ll ever own with all your favorite trendy designs.

6- Qareb Egypt:

An exciting and stylish way of bringing your family and friends together for all the fun you could have with matching comfortable hoodies for game nights. We love the color variety in their collection, and it’s all about good fabric and movement with their special logo to put the look together.

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7- Sapien:

Bringing you a very minimalistic design with an extremely comfy, everyday hoodie for a humble yet trendy look.


A fuzzy sweatshirt is all we need for the winter, alongside designs on patches is probably the best way to hop on the trend, away from the overdone prints that we see nowadays.

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9- Dynasty:

For the Frank Ocean fans, this one’s for you. Beautiful, simple designs to fit all your moods and all your personal preference, a great way to express yourself.

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10- Psych:

Original designs that have a stellar attitude & glow with excitement on hoodies. Includes all sizes and mainly focuses on the back design while still adding a simple logo to the from to finish everything off.

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The trendiest patterns you could possibly find, yet heavyweight and oversized, for a comfortable and chic look. The hoodies are all unisex and their designs work their way towards the sleeve itself and is not mainly focused on the front or back like most hoodies.