By: Hana Kotb

The climate is changing and the earth is warming, and we need to do what we can to make a difference. You might not feel like you can have an impact as a single person, but if everyone changed that thought process, there would be a lot more progress made around the world. You truly can make a difference when it comes to reducing your own carbon footprint. Here are a few ways you can be more environmentally friendly every day:


1- USE REUSABLE GROCERY BAGSbag-of-groceries-on-the-counter-high-res-stock-photography-185130093-1559678654

Cut down on plastic by switching to reusable tote bags when doing any kind of shopping. Not only are they better for the environment, but they’re more durable and often hold a lot more items than plastic bags.








Get rid of plastic water bottles for good — there’s no reason to continue using them! Invest in one or a few reusable water bottles. They’re more environmentally friendly, they keep your water colder for much longer, and they save you money. It’s a no-brainer!






3- EAT MORE VEGGIESman-preparing-vegan-meal-with-avocado-royalty-free-image-1000163974-1559679220

Studies have shown that cutting out meat and dairy from your diet can really help you reduce your carbon footprint. Start eating more veggies and fruits, and aim to go meat-free at least one day a week.





4- SWAP OUT CLEANING SUPPLIESwoman-using-spray-cleaner-on-counter-top-royalty-free-image-607041431-1559679337

Use less chemicals when you clean by swapping out your supplies for options that are organic and green. They’ll still get your kitchen clean, they just won’t spread harmful chemicals around. You can buy them, or even make your own. 






5- RECYCLE MORE636682070057149631-GettyImages-843249732.jpg.crdownload

It sounds obvious, but it’s simple: Recycle! Recycling is a really impactful and easy way to be more environmentally friendly. Make sure you’re always recycling plastic, metal, and paper instead of just tossing them in the trash. Visit GoClean’s Facebook to set up a pick up time! 




6- CARPOOL WHENEVER POSSIBLEThree-young-people-sharing-the-back-seat-of-a-car-carpooling-their-way-to-work-this-is-carpooling-rather-than-car-sharing-what-is-carpool

All of those cars driving everywhere is taking a toll on our environment. Whenever you can, hitch a ride with someone or give them a ride yourself. Try setting up a carpool commuting system. It helps the Earth and saves money (after all, gas prices are getting higher and higher!)





7- WALK (OR BIKE) WHENEVER YOU CANunrecognisable-athletic-woman-on-drinking-break-royalty-free-image-844046144-1559678740

Not everyone has the option to walk or bike when they’re heading to the store or running errands, but if you do, make the most of it! It’s also great exercise.






8- EAT YOUR LEFTOVERSwoman-spooning-meat-into-tupperware-royalty-free-image-148198987-1559679980

Food waste is a huge issue when it comes to being more environmentally friendly. Don’t toss food you haven’t finished—save it and eat it for a meal the next day. If you can’t stand eating the same thing twice, learn how to switch things up a bit and get creative.





young-professional-women-waits-with-coffee-in-royalty-free-image-1072107406-15596800489- BRING A REUSABLE COFFEE MUG EVERYWHER

Stop using disposable plastic or paper coffee cups if you purchase coffee each day. Invest in a coffee mug that you can reuse over and over. It keeps your coffee hot for longer and saves on unnecessary plastic and paper use. 





10- WASH CLOTHES IN COLD WATERlaundry-day-washing-machine-full-of-colorful-royalty-free-image-948471234-1559680181

There is a ton of energy being used every time you wash your clothing in hot water. Instead, wash with cold water unless you absolutely can’t — it works just as well and even helps to prevent wear and tear and shrinking. 





11- HANG DRY CLOTHESlaundry-day-south-africa-royalty-free-image-1025417124-1559680237

Speaking of conserving energy when doing laundry: don’t use a dryer if you don’t need to. Hang-dry your clothes instead, as it uses much less energy. Again, this also helps prevent too much wear and tear and shrinkage.





12- STOP USING COTTON PADS AND FACE WIPESbeauty-high-res-stock-photography-606699355-1559680508

When removing makeup, opt for makeup remover cloths that can be reused and washed instead of cotton pads or wipes that get thrown out after a single use. It’s so much better for the environment, and your skin won’t notice the difference.






13- BUY A METAL STRAWhomemade-ice-tea-in-glass-jar-with-metal-straw-royalty-free-image-1147358803-1559680600

Straws are obviously a threat to our planet. Stop getting them when you’re out. If you can’t stand the thought of not having one, buy a few metal straws and keep them on you all the time.






14- UNPLUG YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICESmidsection-of-woman-plugging-mobile-phone-charger-royalty-free-image-975814042-1559678807

Even if you aren’t using them, computers and other electronic devices use power if they’re plugged into the outlets. Unplug them whenever you aren’t using them to save energy. You can also use a power strip that can easily be turned on or off to make the process more simple.