3o2dit El-Khawaga!Are you blinded by the label?

By: Hanna Hazem

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For those of you who move around looking like a walking Burberry store, KEFAYA!

And for those who can’t afford designer bags/clothes but insist on buying knockoffs BARDO KEFAYA!!


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As someone who used to be brand-name obsessed, I’ve seen both sides, and let me tell you a designer brand alone won’t give you style. There’s more to fashion than just brands.


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Confession: Back when I was younger I used to think brands were everything! Thankfully, those days are long gone, and NO it has absolutely nothing to do with age or younger generations; it has to do with your self-confidence and the way you see things.


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For someone who’s been in the fashion field for a couple of years now, I’ve outgrown 3o2dit El-khawaga, here are my tips:


1) Personal style:

Create your own identity; it’s never about the trend nor the brand. It’s about putting things together and owning it! Make it yours and only yours.


2) Shop vintage: One word, TREASURE!

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3) Check out local shops: You’ll always find a little something that suits you or adds up to your outfit at those little beautiful shops.


4) Self-confidence: Take risks, mix and match different patterns or go for an all white outfit. How your body feels in those outfits is all that matters.

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5) Look at street-style blogs but never copy; we’re all different and unique in our own way. In other words what looks good on them might not look good on you, and what looks good on you might not look good on them.


6) Saving the best for last, this is my favorite tip: EGYPTIAN DESIGNERS! I’m one big fan, from silver jewelry all the way to clothes and leather goods.azza fahmy 1



Here are some of my favorite Egyptian designers: (Fashion-editor’s Pick)




Nina Bakry





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