Hatshepsut Temple Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt #ThisIsEgypt

Hatshepsut Temple
Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt



By: Farida Abou El Dahab

Certified Yoga Teacher & student | Athlete | Writer 



Luxor & Aswan, Egypt- January 2016 #ThisIsEgypt


For the last 10 years, I’ve been creating lists of New Year’s resolutions and failing miserably.

To many of us, the New Year is a blank page full possibilities and opportunities which gives us the courage to take the decision to change what we don’t like about our lives or ourselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, those resolutions are commonly along the lines of reaching your goal weight overnight, finding the girl/boy of your dreams or becoming a millionaire by the end of January. It’s very unlikely for someone to achieve such big goals in a short period of time, that’s why most us get frustrated and give up before we even know it.

So let me list the 4 most popular resolutions and try and make them a little bit more realistic.

1. Losing weight (of course) 

This one is almost on everybody’s list. Every single year. But instead of obsessing over weight-loss and looking for ways to lose 10 kg in a week why not think of your future in terms of health and fitness. Why not try and understand your body and also try and understand that this is the same body you’ll be living in for the next 50 years. Maybe you’ll start making better decisions when it comes to food and exercise. And guess what, you probably will reach your goal weight at some point without causing any damage.

2. Stop talking shit about people behind their backs. 

This is a very popular one too. And we all do it. No matter how harmless it seems sometimes, making a habit out of gossiping and trash-talking can get really harmful. Besides it’s a waste of precious time and energy.


Luxor&Aswan, Egypt- January 2016 #ThisIsEgypt


So the next time you’re at the office or out with your friends try and be the person who doesn’t talk about others behind their backs. Instead, be kind, give everybody the benefit of the doubt and try not to be judgemental. 

3. Don’t ignore your passion 

I know how difficult it can get to make money doing what you love, especially nowadays. So I’m not pushing everybody to follow my footsteps and drop everything to follow their dream because a stable job is much needed to survive in this age.

However it is essential, to dedicate some of your time to do what you love and make whatever you’re passionate about part of your lifestyle.


Farida at the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt 2016 #Thisisegypt


4. Love unconditionally. 

Instead of looking everywhere for your prince charming or trying to change your current partner into someone you made up in your dreams start to appreciate those who are already in your life and accept them for who they are. Love your friends, you family, your significant other, your pet, love everybody. Drop the expectations, drop that perfect picture you

made up in your head because there’s no such thing. Everybody is perfect in his or her own way. And if someone is happy with who they are, they should and will not change. Not for you and not for anybody else.

So for the first time I decided not to make ridiculous unrealistic resolutions that will be forgotten in the first couple of weeks. I’m keeping it simple. Let’s see how it works.

Temple of Kom Ombo, Luxor, Egypt 2016 #ThisIsEgypt


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