By: Yara Aboueleinein

Natural lengths


Hair that flows free, full of movement, styled simply with water, like at Stella McCartney or just touched up by hand, hairstylists certainly weren’t pushed for time backstage when styling this look. The natural look is the biggest trend of this season, letting hair speak for itself.

The sleek wet look


We haven’t seen the last of wet locks tucked behind the ears. Although the same concept was seen on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways, where hair was perfectly straight and lacquered, next season’s look is more relaxed with added height. An effect created with just a simple swipe of your hand.

Relaxed curls

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While the Spring/Summer runways were packed with tight coil curls, next winter’s are more relaxed, loose and natural.

Super short bobs


Definitely one of the star styles from Fall/Winter 2017-2018, we’ve already seen some models wearing it. Lengths must brush the earlobes, along with a slight trim to give it a youthful yet edgy effect.



Two slightly retro accessories made their comeback this season: the hairband and the headband. Whether it’s bourgeois, fur, crystal-encrusted, sporty or in black leather, find something that enhances your hair.