Recently, we’ve been hearing it a lot; the complaints about how Sahel is not what it
used to be, you’ve probably even said it yourself. So many of us claim they miss the
serenity of Sahel and the old laid back atmosphere. So, we’ve gathered here the top
things we actually miss about our old Sahel days.
 1 Fresca’s gratifying stuffing
Don’t you miss that crunchy rounded fresca with all the honey dissolved in
your mouth, or with the crumbly fresh nuts? Today’s freca is almost honey-
less and we rarely find it fresh; not like the old days.
 2 Feteer and homemade cake on the beach/pool
Nowadays, we head to M Porium, LakeYard or Platform to have our lunch.
And we replaced our dearest mama’s cake and the cafeteria’s feteer with
shisha and fresh smoothies on the beach. Since when did we turn everything
so fancy, even food?
 3 Building sand castles and playing sayad el samak in water
As we get older, we realize that our summer interests shift to having a bronzy
tanned skin and dry hair after —supposedly— swimming to not mess up our
hair keratin/protein.
 shutterstock_157157264 2
4 Late night Monopoly, Tawla and Uno gatherings
Well, before Sahel’s extravagant night life, we had limited options on how to
spend the rest of the night. We mainly used to settle for popcorn and a HUGE
bag of binging while playing our favorite games. Today, Sahel’s night life is
taking us away from those simple gestures.
5 When Jetskis and banana boats were the most risky
Remember when we spent hours to convince our parents about riding a jet-
ski/banana boat and their hearts leaped with every second in water, while we
were laughing our hearts out? Today, driving on Sahel’s road is the new kind
of “risky”.
6 3agal 3agal all the way
Remember what our bicycles meant to us? The rides, the falls, the wounds,
they all carved a rushing feeling leaving the most beautiful memories. Where
are the bicycles now?
459213_3447 Gelaty NOT  ice cream!
How could we possibly shift from Saber’s Gelaty and mouthwatering roz b
laban in the stinky hot weather to the fancy city-brought ice cream and lavish
 We can’t say that we’re not enjoying the new trend, but it doesn’t mean we
don‘t get nostalgic to the old days from time to time.
Enjoy your vacation people!
By: Perihan El Etreby