By: Sarah Waleed

With mother’s day right around the corner, we go back to the yearly question “I wonder what I should get mom this year”. There’s no need to stress about it this year because we’ve collected a few ideas that will (hopefully) make it an easier task for you.

  1. Green Friends Go a Long Way

Everybody loves plants. Whether it’s a cute succulent for the kitchen window, or a larger mint plant pot for the balcony. You can never go wrong with a green addition to the house, they last longer than a bouquet of flowers and so does their joy.

  1. Romantic Setting Please

Who doesn’t want a living room overflowing with the scent of vanilla? Candles are the perfect bedroom, bathroom, dinning table or even living room addition. Not only are they perfect for decorating but choosing a scent you know your mom loves will definitely make her day.

  1. Staying Practical

Some of us love getting our mothers gifts we know they need, and more often than not your mom is probably eyeing a new kitchenware item that she thinks would ultimately change her cooking game. Whether it’s a Tefal pan or a pretty pot, just know it’ll make her a happier cook.

  1. Keep it Personal

Remember in kindergarten when you’d come back home with a card that says “I love mommy” and she’d love it because of that adorable personal touch? Well there’s actually an adult version of that and it’s personalizing anything that she loves. You could personalize a set of towels or a stationary set, that personal touch well definitely make her ecstatic.

  1.  A Gift With a Twist

They always say save the best for last, we know this idea will leave your mom over the moon. A spa day is really a treat right out of a movie. We recommend Waves Massage at Four Seasons Hotel for the ultimate relaxation.