• Natalie Uhling

“My secret is simple. I put in the work.”
Uhling is the creator of NUFit, a combo of kickboxing, dance and total-body toning. She’s also a master trainer on NBC’s streaming Radius. Basically, you’ll find pictures of this beauty looking like a boss in a handstand or showing off her kickboxing moves. You’ll also see videos that make you want to get strong and build balance.

  • Robin Arzon
  • 2- robin-arzon

“Do the things that make your heart flutter.” 
A corporate lawyer turned fitness guru, Arzon is head coach for Peloton Cycle and co-founder of the running group Undo-Ordinary. You’ll find pictures of her being active in New York with inspiring captions offering insight into her never-give-up attitude.


  • Jeanette Jenkins
  • 3-Jeanette Jenkins


“Push past the challenge and you will receive your breakthrough. Don’t ever give up.” 
This Los Angeles celebrity trainer has fabulous clientele such as Pink and Kelly Rowland. You’ll find everything from workout moves—with her celebrity clients—to healthy eating advice to positive thinking. If you need that extra boost of motivation, just take a look at Jenkins’ bikini-body!

  • Nicole Winhoffer
  • 4 Nicole Winhoffer


“The more specific the intention, the more specific the result.”
Not only is Winhoffer a modern dancer and trainer, she’s the woman in charge of keeping Madonna in shape.  If you’re a dance fan, look no further. Her high-energy dance clips and butt-sculpting moves have you covered. Want to really be impressed? Just look at her acrobatic poses!

  • Mary Helen Bowers
  • 5-Mary Helen Bowers

“The key to elegant posture is keeping your neck long and your shoulders down.”
Bowers is a former NYC Ballet dancer and creator of Ballet Beautiful. She even trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan.  Each shot on her account is a tutorial on ballet form, toning moves and how-to’s for gracefulness!

  • Marie Purvis
  • 6-Marie Purvis

“Life is dynamic, train for it.”
As Nike NTC global and master trainer, Purvis is the creator of those killer workouts on the Nike Training Club app. Her account is all about snaps and videos of tough moves as well as posts about motivating active women.