By: Ola Emad El Din | Beauty Editor, SeeThru.

1-Cute Swimsuits :

This summer is all about floral prints & neon bright colors , my favorite store to get trendy swimsuits is suiteblanco, they have a variety of affordable bikinis



 6.-TRIANGL-MILLY-CANDY-PINK  2015-new-swimwears-triangl-women-039-s-fashion     


2-Coverups :

I always forget to bring my cover up with me to the beach but it’s a necessary must

Personally , I like to use a romper of even a long kimono as a coverup !

Also check out the dollhouse boutique , they have amazing ones .


3-Self tanner :

 For those girls (including myself ) who don’t like soaking in the sun , get their skin burned ,

An easy way to have the perfect summer bronze color is self tanner , its usually comes in a spray form, you spray it evenly all over your body & within hours the color starts to develop .

One of my favorite self tanner is victoria’s secret beach sexy self tan & you can order it online !


4-Lipbalm & Sunblock :

If you’re going to be spending all dy at the beach and out in the sun, you need to be prepared !

Sunblock and lipbalm will keep you protected and moisturized all day long


Spray Sunblock is my absolute favorite since its so easy to apply and one of my favorite sunblock is the banana boat one , you can find it and big chains pharmacies and markets

 also I love eos lipbalm and you can order it online !


 5-Facial moisturizer with spf :

While most sunblocks can work all over your body , your face and neck deserve special attention especially if you have sensitive skin like me

Personally I use nuxe sun delicious cream for face with high protection spf 30 also you can find it at big chains pharmacies



Last but not least

6-Beachy wavy hair spray :

Want that perfectly tousled waves , spray on Bombshell-waves-within-reach-Victoria-Secret-So-Sexy

After coming out of the water before brushing & give your hair a little scrunch , it helps to detangle the hair while the sea salt helps add texture for that effortlessly sexy look