By: Hana Shamarka & Farah Wael

Cold weather is not your skin’s friend: it dries and irritates it. Cold weather is not your skin’s only problem in winter but also there are other enemies that harshly damage your skin like, UV rays, poor diet, and low humidity levels that result in dry air. Here are some tips for your skin to survive winter.

1) Wash in lukewarm water

Washing your face or hands in warm water feels good in winter because cold water causes dryness, so choose lukewarm water to avoid stripping your skin for many oils.


Morning and night, after cleansing, toning and applying your serum, layer on your moisturizer right after you wash. It’s important not to skip this step during winter.

3) Protect

It’s important to protect your skin, so you should get used to wearing gloves, scarves and don’t forget to put on sun screen.

4) Eat smarter and don’t hibernate

Keep your diet healthy by including vegetables in your food, don’t eat spicy food because it causes acne. And most importantly drink LOTS of water. Also EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE!!!!

5) Choose your moisturizer carefully

Choose fragrance free products because some products may smell good but cause irritation to your skin. Use moisturizing treatments like overnight cream mask or chocolate face mask that contains cocoa and coconut oil as these two ingredients are important for skin softness and smoothness.

6) Exfoliate

Find an exfoliating mask and use it on your face and your hands, as well as gently on your lips because moisturizers can’t get off dead skin as an exfoliator. Don’t over exfoliate, exfoliation should be done once a week.