By: Nour Sakr

Tara’s Birthday Special Celebration!

“Princesses are not those who live in castles. Real princesses are those who create real impact and carry themselves gracefully around, making others happy.” Mohamed El Deeb

Instead of partying and inviting everyone to a huge “dope” Birthday as celebrities are always used to.

This year, Egypt’s sweet heart Tara Emad surprised everyone with her unique and ideal birthday celebration and broke a record and became an icon for humanity in her Birthday countdown. The main theme of celebration is causing happiness to be happy! creating the most noble, motivating and kind slogan that ever came up for celebrating Birthdays!

“I always wanted to do a birthday countdown with a cause! I am starting #7deedsofpeace as of today and throughout the 7 days that are left for my birthday on the 11th of May! Its a way of ending my 22nd year and start a new 23rd. I want to shed light on issues that are close to my heart and give an opportunity to people to help those causes.” Tara said before starting her countdown.
Blood Donation
“Heavy check mark️ Blood Donation! The fear was conquered! I’ve never donated blood before. But recently I’ve been reading about how important it is and how it helps saves lives and that many people suffer because of the shortage of blood donors.” Tara added after her first blood donation ever!
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Check out BloodEgy-التبرع بالدم في مصر
page on facebook to know who you can donate blood to and where.

Visit pet shelter-ESMA

“I visited once before ESMA pet shelter and I was amazed on the number of dogs and cats they have that they take care of.So many dogs there need funding for operations and medication. And literally anything that you donate would help.If you are an animal lover donate your time and go on Fridays to play with them and shower them.
Sometimes showing a little love is all it takes!”

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Visit 57357-Children’s Cancer Hospital

“Today was extra special!

“On the right is Nada and on the left is Youssef.
Nada is such a sweet, hilarious and strong little girl and Youssef is so sweet and sees that nada is having the upper hand in the room!
I’ve never been to 57357 hospital, but always had the intention to.
After seeing all those children we visited today, I thank God for all my blessing that at times I might take for granted.
From the bottom of my heart I wish that all those beautiful souls in the hospital stay as strong as they are and win the battle against cancer.”

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Visit EPAVI – Egyptian Parents Association for Visually Impaired

“This was such an eye opening experience to me. Blindness is so much more than just the inability to see. It can be translated into an ability to learn in new different ways and enhance the kids talents and gradually integrate them into schools. Seeing the children read braille, understand shapes, have spacial awareness, know the shapes and their sizes was truly an inspiring experience.
EPAVI is a home that helps and rehabilitates children with visual impairments and its focus is on maximizing the awareness of early recognition of some sort of visual impairment as to start aiding children to prevent further deterioration.”WhatsApp-Image-20160510 (5)

Check their website for more details

DAY 5️
Visit an orphanage-FACE for Children in Need

“Nothing on Earth can replace home..” said Ahmed Khattab Assistant Founder of FACE
We visited today and we saw the love children have towards the people working and towards the place. It was vivid through their eyes that this place is home for them.A child’s genuine smile makes the world go round.

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Check their website

Visit refugees

There is a large community of Syrian refugees in Cairo and we had the pleasure of meeting some of these families today. We must not only acknowledge them but algo respect them, integrate them and reach out to them to let them know that we are here for them.

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Tara with Cairokee’s Drummer Tamer Hashem and Maria founder of slicker!

She is the real princess. .

 Happy Birthday Tara!