Six Degrees or Tabla tonight? Sahel has, without a doubt, the best nightlife in Egypt.  Of course, with wild parties comes cliché characters. Here are seven people you’ll find in every party:

1.The drink-spiller 


There’s always that one guy that’s a little too clumsy and spills his drink on someone’s shoes, or worse, outfit.



2.The gossip girls 


Oh. My. God. Becky, look at her butt.


These girls are here to see who is wearing what, who is dancing with whom, and to comment on anything that looks the least bit inappropriate.



3.The “too cool to dance” crew


Me? Dance? No, thanks. Just sipping my drink and nodding my head with the beat. That’s why we’re here.

too cool

4.The one who came to check in on Facebook

They might not even enjoy going to the parties that much, but they’ve got an image to keep up with. They need to stay relevant.


5.The “lets take a picture” club


Similar to the Facebook check-in-ers, the “lets take a picture” club are here to take pictures and show off their cropped tops on Instagram. The most important thing here is to add the location. The only dilemma here is whether to spell Sex Degrees with an S or a 6?


6.The Snapchatters

Finishing off the social media section of the day– Nowadays, you can literally ALWAYS know who is where and when and what they’re doing simply by going through your Snapchat stories. When you feel the need to share every single moment of the night, how much fun are you actually having? Instead of worrying about which filter to use, put your phone away and actually enjoy your time. Dance the night away!



7.The old but gold clic

You know how Betty White makes 94 look fun? There’s always that one table with a group of elders that are young at heart. Okay, they might not be in their 90s (more like 50s and 60s). We’re exaggerating to make a point. This table makes you feel better about getting older. They remind us that you can have fun at whatever age. This is by far our favorite category of sa7el club-goers.  They know how to have fun!




Maybe it’s because they’re not on their phones all night.


Did we miss anyone? Comment below!