You dated him for a while and things were perfect, you got engaged and before you even notice it’s your wedding night!Things go great for a while before you finally start to notice, “what happened to us?”

1.Lack of communication

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Remember that WhatsApp conversation that started since God knows when and ended sometime after your marriage? You were always texting, talking on the phone, or seeing each other. You never ran out of topics, what changed? TALK TO EACH OTHER!

2.The killing routine! 

Honey Dew Hell

Be spontaneous, book a trip anywhere in the morning, pack your bags and hit the road at 1PM… Don’t have enough money? Go on a road trip, get coffee and make sure that your favorite songs are on. Don’t let the routine take off that crazy flame between both of you, those crazy moment will make you laugh while you tell to everyone when you’re both old and grey.


3.Mohanad vs. Ronaldo

Couple Fighting Over Remote Control --- Image by © Corbis

Sacrifice my dear, they created laptops for a reason. You can watch your series online today and even watch the match with him!

Now that applies to everything in life, you should make some sacrifices and so does he. Don’t get me wrong and give up on everything in your life for your partner, be moderate, and remember that you’re a team now, it doesn’t matter who scores as long as your team wins in the end.



4.Family battles


“-we’re naming the baby hosni 3ala esm gedo Allah yerhamo”

“-On my dead body,

we’re naming the baby maysara 3ala esm baba”

Both your families are important and you should be on good relations with them, but don’t allow them to interfere in your personal life! You are building your own family now, build it on the terms that both of you will live happily within 60 years. Buy the furniture you like, not the one his mom likes. Name your daughter the way you want, you love your mom and she knows it, you don’t really have to name the baby after her name.



568231-mother-in-law - Copy

Don’t compare your partner to your parents, don’t ever do that! Your partner will never be a copy of your parent and you shouldn’t ask them to be. You fell in love with them the way they are, why do you want them to change after marriage? What changes after you get married? Get used to the new person you chose to live your life with.






Congratulations, you’re BOTH becoming parents, you’re BOTH having a child, and you’re BOTH EQUALLY responsible for raising that child you brought to life. It’s not your wife’s duty to teach them, feed them, take them to trainings, clean them… etc. I do know that you’re working to bring money, but so am I! Now learn how to work and be a part of your child’s life in order to raise healthy child with good memories, mentally and physically.




7.What boundaries???


Once you’re married, you tend to think that all the walls and all the personal space should be brought down. If you do so, the only thing that will be brought down is your marriage. You both are allowed to have friends, go out with them, you don’t have to be together 24/7! What matters is that whether you’re together at the moment or not, you know that they respect your presence, they won’t do anything that will hurt you. That’s how you have a healthy relationship for many years to come.



The key to happy marriage is to balance between insanity and sanity, knowing when to act like a 16 y/o and when to act 40. The secret to a happy marriage is to choose right, putting aside money and position, it’s being with someone that you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with.



By: Ayah Alaa