By: Reem Eid

The holy month is perfect for taking some time to reflect, appreciate the simpler things in life, and worship. It is, however, somewhat difficult to fit in studying. But with Ramadan falling in June this year, finals are inevitably around the corner. If you’ve been through the ordeal of having to study in Ramadan, here are some thoughts you will definitely relate to.



  1. You never realized just how important coffee is.


Sure, we’re all a bunch of grumpy robots without our morning coffee, but come Ramadan, and we all realized we’re a bunch of dumb grumpy robots. It is a scientific fact that 50% of your IQ is activated when you drink coffee*.

2. You have to keep a curse free tongue


Which is hard when all you want to do is lash out on your professor, Mortada-Mansour style.

       3. You’re going to excuse yourself from studying before iftar


I mean, even Einstein had to eat, right?

      4. You’re going to excuse yourself from studying after iftar as well


A triple-decker Konafa with cream, honey and mangoes is sure fire way to go into a food coma. It’s not your fault you can barely breathe afterwards.

     5.  Can I study in between commercial breaks?


Given that commercials in Ramadan can go on for a solid 20 minutes, maybe I can squeeze in a chapter or two in between Ramez and Adel Imam’s series? That’ll almost sound like a good idea until..

      6. You realize even the commercials are kind of fun.

Capture 4“3ayza emte7anat zy beta3et Mona.”

     7. Your grades are sinking faster than Ramez Galal’s guests


And there is absolutely nothing you could do about it.

*No it isn’t. And go back to studying… right after iftar..