Don’t you think it’s just about time they added in the dictionary that beach is a synonym of Summer? I mean what ELSE would ever come to mind when you hear that word? A beach is a beach; sand, sun, water and waves and what not, but where you sleep, eat or just hang out is where all the excitement is. Whether you like extravagance or utmost modesty, don’t give up on finding the perfect beach house for you!

Beach house might seem like a big deal, but the variations will surprise you. Let’s take a walk through the ranges of beach houses available, starting with the smallest beach hut wanna-be to the most incredibly well designed beach homes,

  • 6x6ft hut wanna-be

This place actually exists in Dourset, UK. The owner has come up with an awe striking solution; adaptable furniture that can completely transform this tiny space into whichever utility you need! Its solar panels also generate electricity that can charge a phone and power 50 LED lights along with a concealed refillable seven litre tank that provides him with running tap water AND it’s got a view right in front of the vivid sand and crashing waves!

So, get that check list out. What would you basically need in a beach accommodation?

  • Beach view
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Electricity












  • Secluded private Bungalows


On the coastline north of Puerto Escondido, Mexico lies a place many describe as a little piece of paradise (We don’t believe they’re exaggerating). The Hotel Escondido consists of 16 private bungalows with a pathway that leads directly to the beach, each hut comes with a

private pool with a sun deck and rooms are complete with tropical wooden floors, stucco walls and polished concrete bathrooms that will leave you with not a thought in the world but the decision between deciding to spend your day outdoors on the shores of the rocky coastline or tanning on that private deck or just staying in and enjoying the marvels of the hut.




  • Iconic Ellwood Beach house


The work of Craig Ellwood, a renowned mid-century modernist in association with Jerrold E. Lomax is something not to be missed. On the Malibu hills, taking advantage of sweeping ocean views lies a beach house maintaining a pre-fab construction formula in which the geniuses worked in around 1953 but like anything else with these conditions, this unattended marvel had lost its shine and needed to be restored and recently it has been! Restored by American architect Julie Hart, the house looks robust, fixed and stands alone even though it is surrounded by neighbours.








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