If you’ve never wondered in terror what it means when it takes him four hours to text back when you knew for a fact he wasn’t working, Iapplaud you. But for the rest of us mere mortals, here’s what it means when he’s apparently not at work and is just choosing to text you back at this time!


1. He texts back immediately
The obvious meaning of this is that he’s really into you, and you’re a priority to him. But this one is all about perspective, depending how you feel about him. You might think it is sweet, but you might also think he doesn’t have a job, friends, or any goals in life…just a loser waiting for you to text him.

2. He texts back within a few minutes
If he likes you, this is a standard one. He’s not absolutely free and waiting for your text, but he’s checking his phone often to see if you did anyways. Either that or he was actually on his phone when he got your text, and he’s literally waiting for a few minutes before replying so that he’d seem chill. It’s weird…but cute.

3. He texts back an hour later
This is still in the normal range and not a bad sign. He might have not checked his phone, or he did but was too tired or didn’t feel like replying right away. Either way, we’ve all been there. It’s normal. Don’t panic.

4. He texts you back at the same interval of time…always
This might be a total coincidence. But if not, that’s just creepy. Did he read in a book somewhere that said texting back after exactly 67 minutes is the ideal waiting-time to get a girl to fall for you?

5. He texts back right away sometimes…and other time it takes him, like, 12 hours
All is forgiven if he starts his conversation after 12 hours with something like, “Sorry, I was doing so and so. What’s up?” But when he doesn’t say that and pretends that disappearing mid-conversation for 12 hours is normal, it’s the worse feeling ever. You’re like, I thought he was into me… was it something I said? Or is he talking to nine other girls?

6. He texted back the next day
We’ve all been there. You’re too busy, and you forget all about your texts. Or you’re super tired and just crash and go to bed early. It happens. Don’t freak out. We’re only human. As long as it happens every once in a while

7. He texted back daysss later
Okay, now this is weird. Almost every human is inseparable from their phone. So he’s either playing it way too cool, or he’s just not into you. Sorry, Boo!


8. He texted back after so long…and you even forgot all about him
I can guarantee he wasn’t into you, moved on, and either didn’t find anyone better or started talking to or even dating someone else and then that didn’t work out. Both ways, this is what happened: he got lonely one night, and was like, “Oh yeah! I still have Malak’s number from a few months back! I’ll just text her a chill what’s up.” And here’s what you should do. Text back, “I’m sorry…who’s this?”