If you’re looking for new places in Egypt to spend the day (or a few nights) whether with the family or your friends, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite spots on days out to keep you and the whole group entertained.

Ta-che (Fayoum)

An absolute gem of a place resting right on top of a hill near Lake Qarun and Wadi El Rayan. The boutique hotel overlooks the olive farms, giving its residents a stellar view that just so happens to be accessible through the various different seating areas within and surrounding the hotel.

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Andrea (Mariouteya)

The perfect place for a Friday family lunch. The restaurant serves the most scrumptious traditional food that simply tastes nostalgic. You can get your name customized in a sand bottle, watch your bread being baked the old-school way over the coals or even take a donkey ride.


Sara’s Organic Farm (Cairo – Alex Desert Road)

Support initiatives to green the desert! Visit Sara’s Organic Farm on the Cairo-Alex highway and take home some fresh, clean greens. You can go spend the day there and have a picnic in the farm, and even feed the animals while you eat!


Fagnoon (Alexandria – Mariouteya – Falah)

This is the ultimate destination for artistic kids! Activities on offer range from art projects in different mediums, including pottery, word carpentry, jewelry making, gardening and rustic baking. Homemade nets and swings make climbing for kids and adults super fun, and families will enjoy walking through Fagnoon’s fields, which are dotted with farm animals. Other activities include horse rides and water balloon fights for the entire group to enjoy!


Africa Safari Park (Cairo – Alex Desert Road)

Africa Safari park is an open zoo surrounded by a river that is home to hippos, crocodiles, and fish, and you can see the animals up close on a river trip within the park. Several activities can done include fishing, ice hockey, table tennis, football, etc., as well as ping pong and billiards. The park has also its own small hotel for overnight stays where each room has its own swimming pool with the possibility of fishing directly from the room.


Jojo’s Ranch (Nubareya)

A quality meat business turned road trip destination! Jojo’s offers mastered prime cuts of meat, all carefully and passionately prepared that simply makes it a cut above the rest. The ranch quickly became an attraction as well, with over 4,000 visitors, that takes them through life on the ranch and to have some one-on-one with the furry friends.

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Mountain Camp Ali Khaled (Siwa)

Egyptian celebrities love this one! The camp offers food, a hot spring, folkloric music and safari trips. At the oasis, check out its renowned olive groves and palm gardens, the Temple of the Oracle and the Libyan souq.


Habiba Village (Nuweiba)

A project that includes a beach camp as well as a farm, where you can get down and dirty with nature and volunteer to help out with the farming process.