“I believe children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they posses inside.” These are the wise words of Whitney Houston, but the truth is, talk is cheap while action speaks. And Egyptians finally took action and started a campaign—Akhlaquna—to revitalize the significance of ethical behavior in a society that have lost sight of its moral virtues.

This campaign was organized by Egypt’s former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, Sports Minister Khaled Abd El-Azeez, and youth from a number of organizations in attempt to restore Egypt’s ethics and our society’s moral virtues. The campaign emphasizes nine core principles: love, mercy, cooperation, initiative, empathy, simplicity, justice, tolerance, equality, and perfection.

On 12 February, they hosted an event in the Shooting Club in Dokki, Cairo. They organized a number of activities for the children to highlight the importance of good morals. There was a puppet show and games.

They had a kiosk called Koshk Al-Akhlaa’, where kids wrote down on note cards examples of good deeds they’ve done recently. They used clothespins to hang up all the note cards on a string. Another kiosk had a bowl full of folded pieces of paper, each with a good deed the children should do. For instance, one paper said, “Pick up 5 pieces of trash from the ground, and throw it in the trash.”

At the conclusion of the event, a number of children believed to have had the best manners all day were nominated. They were rewarded certificates in recognition of their superior manners. In the real world, no one gives out prizes for those with ethical behavior… But someone should!

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