The program “Good Morning Egypt”, presented by the journalist Hossam El Din Hussein and the journalist Hadeer Abu Zaid, presented a TV report entitled “The Alexandria Taxi Drivers Initiative to transport Cancer Patients Free of Charge.”

The report stated that “Together to do good to deliver cancer patients for free” was launched by the young Omar Hassan Ibrahim, a taxi driver in Alexandria, aiming to provide a service to patients suffering from cancer.

Transporting them to and from the hospital for free, perhaps as a reason to save a patient who find it difficult to afford an ambulance or transportation to the hospital.

The report added that, in order to attract the attention of those in need of free delivery, the participants in the initiative put a sticker of the initiative’s logo to facilitate them, and it started through a group on Facebook, where the young Omar announced his initiative to transfer patients to the Hospital for Tumor Treatment Downtown, and at that time he appealed to the drivers to join him in helping the patients free of charge.

The initiative was met with great interaction among its taxi drivers, who formed a list of their names and phone numbers and deposited them in the hospital administration to communicate with them, in case there is anyone that would like to be transported to and from the hospital.

Amr Hassan, founder of this whole thing said that he wanted to work alone to transport those who are unable to the door of the house for free, and he launched a group on Facebook to gather drivers to work in the initiative, and to participate In the initiative.

He added that it involves 29 taxis working throughout the week, as at least 5 cases are being transported to the hospital every day: “People suffer trying to get to the hospital but when we tell them that there is a free taxi for them, they deny it at first and by reassuring, they get extremely happy and relieved and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.”