After a long wait, the cover was revealed for the four rams and the obelisk in Tahrir Square, and it was fully lit while the surrounding buildings were displayed with light shows .. After the completion of the development of preparing for the passage of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt in a legendary parade within days. 

128511161_1828669153951449_8343522420566320290_n128642333_2485425825100711_4351839752905949974_nThe mummies of the kings and quee128349395_1828628413955523_2623475454874206023_ons of Egypt will be transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the Museum of Civilization in Fustat, overlooking the lake of Ain Al-Sira, where the coffins have already been successfully transferred. The 22 kings and queens will be transported with the participation of war wheels in the ancient Egyptian style that were manufactured in Egypt and will be dragged by the pure-bred Arab horses to be fully honored by the Republican Guard teams with the firing of bullets and military parades to celebrate them and they have a specific itinerary through which the most famous historical places of Egypt will be moved. The parade will be for the kings:

Skanan Ra – Tuthmosis I – Ahmose Nefertari – Amenhotep I – Tuthmosis II – Queen Hatshepsut – Thutmose III – Amenhotep II – Thutmose IV – Amenhotep III – Ramses II – Merneptah – Seti II – Siptah – Ramses IV – Ramses V – Ramses IX – City the first.

All in all, Downtown Cairo is one of the prettiest parts of the city, especially the older buildings. These beautiful structures are often marred by transient, commercial facades, with garish signs that are destined to be replaced within the month. All that’s about to change. The city will begin unifying the storefronts and restaurants in the Downtown area in order to beautify the heritage buildings, which house many of the retail locations in the neighbourhood. One of the most famous streets in Downtown, Talaat Harb Street already has many storefronts under development. We’ll also be saying a tearful farewell to street kiosks. This beautification project hopes to cover Qasr El Nile, Opera Square, Shawarby Street, the stock exchange district, and many other smaller streets. We may finally be able to see the beauty of our country after the implementation of this amazing project since Downtown Cairo is home to 500 heritage buildings, many of which were built during the Khedive era and will be affected heavily by the success of the project.

By: Olejniczak Sadik