An engineer graduate, ex professional basketball player, and now one of Alexandria’s leading trainers, Akram Elsobky is here to tell us all about himself. Akram played basketball all his life and went pro when he was 16. He played in Alexandria Sporting Club, Smouha Club, the Egyptian National team, and in England. He even won the Egyptian League and Cup with Sporting Club, but don’t let that fool youhe’s very down to earth. At the prime of his basketball career, he decided to make a switch to fitness and nutrition coaching. He decides to make a career out of his passion, and that is why he’s inspirational! Find out what keeps him motivated, his favorite meals, things he does to unwind from it all, and more!


If you had to define all that you do in a title, what would you say?

Fitness and Nutrition Coach


How would you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy?

My philosophy is simple. Take a step closer to your target each day, and you are already there… fit and healthy!


How did you get started creating your passion into the profession you have today?

I noticed how being healthy has greatly influenced my life, and I decided it’s time to stop being selfish. Instead of enjoying that feeling on my own, I started to pass down my knowledge to others as much as possible.


Just to name one example, what’s your favorite part of your workout?

SQUATS! I think of squats as the perfect analogy for life. It’s about standing up when something heavy is trying to keep you down.


What’s your favorite quote or mantra you can’t live without?

“Talent is cheaper than table salt; if you didn’t put in the work, you will never be successful.” – Coach K


Who or what gives you the most inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my best friend!


Picture this: you’re living your most perfect daywhat does this look like?

My perfect day would start with a healthy breakfast by the beach. I think being healthy doesn’t mean being boring. Protein pancakes are actually very easy to make. Just mix half a cup of oats, 2 eggs, ¼ cup almond milk, and a scoop of protein powder. Top it with honey and sliced fruit. After breakfast, I’d chill for a while, and then I’ll workout by the beach. Afterwards, I’d grab a big, fat meal, and then spend all night by the sea with my beloved ones.


Now what’s your actual typical day look like?

Typically, I wake up at 7AM and prepare my meals for the day. My go to breakfast is four eggs, a cup of oats, greek yogurt and fruit. After having breakfast, I go to ASC, grab a coffee (I take mine Turkish, plain), and start my workout from 9:30-11AM. After my workout, I have my post workout protein shake. Then, I start training my clients until 2PM. At 2, I have a snack, which is usually sweet potato or fruit to satisfy my sugar cravings. After my snack, I head home for a quick power nap, wake up and prepare my dinner, which is my biggest meal of the day. My dinner is usually grilled chicken breasts, mashed potato, rocca lettuce and cucumbers. Afterwards, I head to a cafe (I prefer Sheesh Beesh) and work on my online programs.


What makes you laugh, smile, and be joyful?

I know it might sound cheesy, but what makes me the most joyful is seeing someone transform for the better and being a factor behind it. It means the world to me!


You’re all about making each workout count for the individuals goals and unlocking your best self; what are you top two tips to do this?

Surrounding is a huge factor, so surround yourself with positive people who share your same goals and targets. Also, patience is the key.


How do your workouts differ from other workouts out there?

Customization. I believe everyone should have his workout plan tailored for him depending on his goals, targets, abilities and background. It can never be a one size fits all.


Do you have any tips or tricks to living healthy, lean, and fit?

Your surrounding can be the most useful or the most harmful thing out there, so surround yourself with positive energy.  


So where can everyone keep up with you to learn more?

Follow me on Instagram! @akram_elsobky