After the release of his music video that went viral, internet sensation Marwan Younis shows us once more that he is not done yet! His song, El Farafeer, dominated our timelines and newsfeed, which made us look forward to what he was up to next.

 At El Gouna Film Festival, Marwan owned the red carpet for his live show “Mesh Begad”. In the GFF opening and closing ceremonies, Marwan interviewed many celebrities in the red carpet, including Shereen Reda, Asser Yassin, Mohamed Mamdouh, Arwa Gouda and many more! Not only that, but he also had one-on-one live interviews with Dorra, Amina Khalil, Abu, Hana Shiha and Riham Abdelghafour.
Interview with Amina Khalil:

 Interview with Injy El Mokkaddem:

 Interview with Riham Abdelghafour:

Interview with Dorra:

 For the “Eyar Nari – Gunshot” premiere, Marwan decided to ditch the classic tux and pulled a Harvey Dent on the red carpet, styling his hair differently and wearing mismatched shoes. Obviously, many attached his look on the media, but that didn’t stop Marwan for going out of his way, all in favor of hammering on the film’s concept, and stealing all the lights while he’s at it!

 After the booming success of Begad fi Ramadan on NRJ, Marwan once again dominated our lives, cars, phones, and homes (but we didn’t mind!) as he comes back to Cairo’s favourite radio station with another show along with a live session every Thursday from 4 to 6 PM.
Here’s how NRJ and Marwan announced Begad fel Radio:

 Find out what happened on the first episode of Begad fel Radio, as Marwan threw an impromptu contest and the winner got to call Asser Yassin here:

#NRJLiveSessions with Malak El Husseiny: