A social media obsessed British teenager has taken her own life after not receiving enough likes on her posts.

 According to news reports, 19-year-old Chloe Davison was active on her social moments before she was found dead in her bedroom after committing suicide via hanging herself.

Speaking to the Sun Online, Davidson’s sister Jade said: “Chloe was the type of person who, if she put a picture on Facebook, would ask the whole family to like her picture or would sit with me and ask which one I thought was the best before she would post it.

 “She thought she wasn’t good enough unless she was getting likes and comments. If she didn’t get enough likes, she didn’t feel accepted.

“Social media isn’t 100 percent the cause for her death, but it was a big part because it’s too easy for people to sit behind a phone or computer and send nasty messages with no consequences.

 “I sat with Chloe many nights when she was crying because someone had said something horrible.

“Chloe didn’t see what we saw. She was so beautiful inside and out and would have done absolutely anything for me, her baby niece and the rest of her family.”

Jade said her sister struggled with social anxiety and blames social media for playing a “big part” in her death.

“It’s such a shame people feel like the only way to be happy is to feel accepted on social media because it’s all fake,” she added.

 “When you use social media, all you see is the ‘perfect life’ and it’s all a competition to look a certain way all the time when in reality it’s completely different.

“When Chloe started using social media, all she would talk about was how many likes she got. She was too concerned about what other people thought about her.”

Chloe’s mom, Clair, added: “The impact it has, especially on younger people, can be devastating. Social media took over Chloe’s life – whether that be Snapchat or Facebook.

“She struggled socially from being at school so she didn’t work. Social media was her way of getting through the day. She didn’t go out a lot.

“Younger people need more help and education on social media.”