Unless you’re on some kind social media detox, you probably noticed a recent rush of before-and-after photos posted by all of your friends, family and social media influencers you follow. That’s because there’s a new viral challenge spreading across Instagram and Facebook called the 10-year challenge, where people are posting side-by-side images of themselves 10 years ago and the present. And, it’s not surprising that some celebrities haven’t aged one bit.


Jessica Biel

Lori Loughlin

Candace Cameron Bure

Ryan Seacrest

Kevin Hart

While good genes, a healthy lifestyle, plastic surgery, or a combination of all of these may attribute to some of the reasons people are not aging, Megan O’Brien, a beauty blogger, points out that it could have to do with something else. In a snarky Facebook post, she said, “Dear Everyone, Stop posting those aging comparison photos. I hate to break it to you, but we haven’t gotten any better. The filters have. Thank you, Real life.”

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