Everyone is so busy seeking the best body condition and reaching the best body image for them, working so hard for a while without seeing the expected results maybe kind of frustrating for some people. They start to search about some random workout programs online or take a workout program from a friend, thinking “This program will suit me and make me reach my targets same like my friend or those people in the transformation pictures”.

And here comes the biggest mistake, that can cause a lack of progress, a slow one or no progress at all.

Despite joining a group training session that aims specific targets (according to each type of session), and people of similar fitness levels together, the only program you can go for is a customized program made for YOU, covering your own target, limitations, body type and future goals, this is the only perfect workout you can have and go for.

What works for me doesn’t mean that it will work for you and vice versa. This also goes for the nutrition plans; there is no diet plan that works for all people and makes them all have good results, the nutrition plan must also be customized for every person.

To sum up, there is no “perfect” in a workout, if it works with you then it is good for you and only you!

And the perfect workout is the one that is specified for you and your goals and makes you reach your target safely!!