Where can you find the best kitchen, dressing room, closets, and shelving in Egypt? There’s only one answer: Contistahl.

128_CropScreen Shot 2018-12-30 at 6.16.57 PMEver since Contisahl was founded in 1975, their mission was to improve the lives of those who are touched by their products. From a commercial agency importing workshop machinery and special steel, Contistahl expanded, using technology and innovation. Today, as the sole agent of Siemens home appliances in Egypt, Contistahl is the leader on the market of kitchens carrying out several huge projects.


Their vision is very simple, but at the same time, it’s challenging. The kitchen world is not totally materialistic; it is the combination of human touch of art and creativity with the technical touch of machines. And mostly, it carries the personal approach and attention to details that classifies each company from the other according to its perfection in implementing the dream.

Contistahl transforms your dream kitchen into a reality that is both functional and beautiful. The beauty of a perfect kitchen is based on the reflection of your personality and style; it says so much about you and your needs. After conquering the kitchen world, their services extend to producing the best closets, bedrooms and other successful ideas to come.

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Planning a new kitchen is something most people do only once or twice in a lifetime, making it one of the most important decisions in the home planning process. Contistahl’s 38 years of experience guarantees its supremacy in knowing the best for you and how unique your kitchen should be. They use their expertise and technology along with the best materials, colors, and accessories to design and produce your kitchen.



Contistahl obtained the ISO 9001 certificate , in quality procedures in accordance with international standards.

  • Contistahl imports the best types of wood from international companies in Europe such as EGGER from Germany and SORBES from Estonia


  • Paints:

Contistahl uses the best paints from the best global paint companies.

  • The accessories and hinges:

All the accessories used in their products are fully imported from Europe.

  • Stainless steel:

They use stainless steel in fabricating the sink unit of their kitchens to resist damage caused by water and to bear all hard work.

  • Manufacturing:

The highest level of performance using German manufacturing expertise and according to the quality standards of progress.

  • Sales:

Contisahl provides a distinct geographical distribution through its showrooms.