By: Ola Emad El Din

Today, the lovely people at Dessata Egypt sent me one of their Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brushes to try out.




dessata mini hairbrush review 1


First of all, I wish you could see just how cute this looks in real life! It is such a cute size, absolutely perfect to throw in your handbag, but still big enough to get through those tangles without a problem.


I’ve been loving using this to smooth my hair into a ponytail or bun, as the bristles are really good at getting rid of any bumps and making sure you get a sleek finish.


The bristles are very sturdy, not flimsy at all, which is great for really getting through tangles. I would say it’s not totally pain free to get a big knot out, but it’s certainly better than using a traditional hairbrush that you’d be pulling at for hours!
There are plenty of colours to choose from, although of course I had to go for the Pink and Fuchsia one. You could go for colour clashing with Lime Green and Purple, or have a sleek Silver or Gold one.



The  Dessata brush  helps to reduce hair shedding & breakage and reduces the tugging and pain associated with brushing tangled hair. All this in an ergonomic, easy to use hairbrush which even the children will love



This is why I am SO excited to post this review, I’ve heard so many great things about Dessata detangling brush and I think it’s amazing that such a great hair brand is now available in Egypt.



The Mini Pink & the Skull patterns are my favorite products from the range.



Usually my Step 2 after washing my hair  involves detangling my hair with a wide tooth comb. This can be a breeze or a nightmare depending on  how emollient your conditioner is.Dessata made the detangling process easier.

Dessata-detangling-brush (1)

You also get the option of choosing from funky, colorful designs and they have a mini and original size. Ergonomically, the original sized brush is easy to hold and use.

I found the Dessata brush more effective in detangling, it definitely performs better on thick hair compared by other products in the market. I also saw a dramatic difference in terms of hair shedding, this brush seems to pull out less, it’s more pain- free than any other detangling brushes, and finally it detangles a lot better and I don’t lose as much hair.

The original brush costs 150 EGP and the mini costs 120 EGP

Prices of all products are listed on the Spanish and Egyptian pages & website ( If you’re in Egypt: All products listed in this post are available for purchase from Kriss beauty Salons, Ahmed& Abdou, Richard, La Coupe,etc. I mean it’s available and accessible for trial, just ask your hair salon. You can contact them on Facebook, or visit their website and by my own experience was through their active instagram account: @Dessataegy



These products were sent to me but as always, my opinions are 100% honest.