Diets shouldn’t be about banning certain foods; this leads to conscious thinking which leads to binge eating. They sometimes don’t even work because of the boring routine everyone sticks to, and then they get back to the fatty foods and late night craves.


Dr. Passant Saleh uses her social media platforms to present many options and a wide variety of food replacements so that people aren’t bored of the traditional diet plans we are all sick of.

Little do they know that there are certain tricks they could do so they can eat all they crave and not gain a single kilo!

There are two ways to do so:

  1. Push and control: Eat smaller food portions of the things we love.
  2. Recipe change: Change the original recipe of the dish and replace certain ingredients with lower-calorie and/or healthier ones.

Mahshi is every Egyptian’s weakness, especially when they’re on a diet. Mahshi could actually be very healthy with a little recipe change, since it is already made up of stuffed vegetables. The only problem is the rice and butter/margarine/oil used while cooking it. If these two things are properly replaced, Mahshi could become a healthy diet option that could be safely eaten.

For a guilt-free Mahshi meal, don’t put more than 3 tablespoons of oil on the entire dish. Replace sunflower oil with olive or canola oil and avoid butter and margarine completely.

3 Spoons of rice contain around 150 calories, so this is a huge problem. Rice can be replaced with quinoa, which is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. Using quinoa in your Mahshi makes the dish a full meal containing all the vegetables and protein you need. It doesn’t have a certain taste so it will not change the way your Mahshi usually is.

Quinoa Mahshi Stuffing Recipe:







-Grated carrots



A regular lunch portion is the same amount as of a 200cc mug, so make sure you measure your portions before you start cooking! Also eat your meal hot as temperature makes you full faster. If you ever feel hungry at night, drink a bowl of soup or pop a cup of popcorn. Feel free to drink hot drinks such as mint, hibiscus, green teaand chamomile tea anytime as long as it is sugar-free — this counts as part of your daily water intake so it’s good for you!