It’s hardly a secret that society puts enormous pressure on new moms to lose their baby weight, and celebrity moms have even more pressure on their shoulders thanks to being in the spotlight. Which is ridiculous for so many reasons but mainly because those women just grew a literal human being inside them for 9 months.

Us Weekly reports that Meghan Markle isn’t about to let other people dictate how she looks post-baby. A source tells the magazine that the Duchess “wants to change the perception that you have to be skinny to be beautiful.” 

Instead, she’s focusing on her health, which includes “daily yoga and meditation in her equipped yoga studio at Frogmore. What she loves most about the practice is that it helps her switch off and wind down.”

Apparently, she’s “even taught Harry a few moves,” so they’re really living their best lives over there in Windsor. It’s unknown when the public will next see the Duchess, given that she isn’t required to attend any events on her maternity leave, but she was last seen publicly in the premiere of The Lion King and looked stunning, so here ya go: