By: Noureen Nasser


To believe in a bright future, to have faith in what’s coming, to look for the next step with a promise that you will make it better. This is the The World Youth Forum’s main aim. The WYF is a program aiming at delivering a message of peace, opulence, expansion, and vigor to the entire world, built by promising youth. The program enables youth from all around the globe to be engaged in an enriching platform where they express their views and display initiatives to different influential and high positioned figures. Youth from all fields engage in this platform, artists by all means, politicians, youth with dreams under construction, and everyone with a voice that needs to be heard.

The Forum was intended not only to support thinkers, creativity and uprising ideas but also to uphold youth with dreams and projects that are already into the spotlight. Egypt’s first lady Intisar Al Sisi wore many outfits and accessories designed by aspiring Egyptian designers.

The WYF published on their official social networking “facebook” page, a picture of Egypt’s first lady during the opening ceremony of the forum wearing her complete outfit from Egyptian, young, local now international, promising designers. Her highness wore a Mai Galal ensemble along with the collaboration of the designer Marmar Halim for the outfit accessories, not to forget the perfectly matched Okhtein clutch that made the whole outfit look just elegant.