Us millennials have career options that our parents probably aren’t convinced about, and our kids will deifnitely come up with jobs we haven’t even heard of. Technological and social advancement always lead to new job titles and career paths over time. Big innovations create a lot of new jobs while sidelining some. Here are a few jobs your grandparents have probably never heard of, but you have to deal with nowadays on a daily basis

By: Jomana Aly Ibrahim

Emoji translator

A company in London has advertised for an emoji translator in what is thought to be the first such job worldwide.The role will involve explaining cross-cultural misunderstandings in the use of the mini pictures, and compiling a monthly trends report.Last year, a UK linguist said emoji was the country’s fastest-growing language.Screen-Shot-2014-08-15-at-5.25.11-PM Social media manager

It’s hard to imagine a time before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as nowadays entire careers are building around the social media networks. Social media managers can find themselves doing everything from sending out tweets to incorporating social media into a marketing strategy.

social-media-history-group-students-1043 Uber driver

Uber, an American multinational online transportation network company that was founded in 2009 and is currently worth at $62 billion, has created thousands of job opportunities for people worldwide. While its headquarters are in California, people from more than 506 other cities around the world can become Uber drivers. Driving with Uber is easy because it only requires using an app, and the rewards are many.

uber-will-talkDrone operator

Ten years ago, you wouldn’t know what a drone is (except perhaps for the ones the military uses), but now these devices are excessively used for a number of purposes. As drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles continue to be produced, there are going to be thousands of jobs available for drone operators.


Zumba instructor

Zumba’s popularity has boomed in the past few years, however it has been around since the 1990s. To become an instructor of the dance fitness program you’re required to undergo a certification process to work at a gym or a zumba center!


Wellbeing coach

While diets aren’t anything new, many people these days are preoccupied with “eating clean” and going vegan and seeing a nutritionist has become normal. Selfemployed nutritionists and wellbeing coaches on instagram are able to build up a following fairly easily and reach a much wider audience which means they can even work with their patients virtually.

Wellness-Coach Youtube content creators

Now vlogging has become an exciting career for many people who want to become video celebrities. You can earn lots of money as a YouTube star through advertising or sponsorship deals. Channels like YouTube and Vimeo can also be great marketing tools sine they get lots of traffic and attract millions of visitors every day.


App developer

Apps are now a big deal thanks to developments in technology. The demand for apps in both iOS and Android has provided programmers and developers with a whole host of new opportunities.


Millennial generational expert

In 2006, most millennials were still at school. Fast forward 10 years, and they’re a significant proportion of the workforce.

Millennial generational experts help companies understand the values and expectations of their youngest employees, and how to engage with them.

Sustainability manager

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to organizations these days. Even companies that aren’t working in ‘green’ sectors are hiring people to help them use their resources more effectively and make environmentally friendly decisions

Cloud computing specialist

A decade ago, if somebody said they worked in the cloud, you might well have wondered what they were talking about. The term apparently emerged from a 2006 conference where Eric Schmidt described Google’s approach to software as ‘cloud computing’.

Today, over half of US businesses use it, and cloud management, engineering and strategizing have become occupations

Driverless car engineer

While driverless cars look set to wipe out the roles of taxi drivers and couriers, they are also beginning to create some new jobs as well.

Driverless cars won’t be able to mend themselves, so engineers, mechanics and software developers who work on vehicles will be increasingly in demand in the not-too-distant future.