By: Hala Serageldin


My Story:

Hi, My name is Hala Serageldin, since i was a kid, sports has always been my number one passion in life. I was a professional Gymnast for 12 years, played both Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics Starting at the age of 3. Throughout my Gymnastics career, i achieved quiet a lot; medals, certificates, cups, you name it! Winning first place in the African Group Gymnastics Championship in 2000, and third place in the Annual Egyptian National Championship in 2002 were some of the great accomplishments and milestones in my gymnastics career. Dedication, never ending hours of training, and loving it enough is what got me to where i am. Loving it enough is what made me make a career out of it today. Studying and becoming an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer was just the beginning. What excited me most about it is that not only do i use my knowledge and experience to better myself, but to also help others reach their fitness goals, this feeling is priceless. At 26, as a fitness instructor and one of Egypt’s Female Nike Ambassadors my aim is to keep inspiring.

As a kid, with two sisters and parents who are both great cooks, we all loved being in the kitchen, as a family food is a huge deal to us. But being one who always wanted to stay fit and healthy, and eat clean, i started coming up with simple yet delicious recipes that are also healthy and guiltless, to motivate people to start eating better in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. I created an Instagram account (hala.serageldin), posting fitness facts, quotes, recipes, food styled plates, workouts and more. My food is all about simple ingredients put together in a way to tempt people to eat clean, and show them that making healthy choices does not necessarily have to be boring and tasteless.


Fitness & Diet Myths… BUSTEDDDDD!!!! 

Don’t believe everything you read.. you might be killing it at the gym, or even being really tough on yourself with a very strict nutrition plan. But you still don’t seem to see ANY results! Chances are, you have probably fallen victim to bad advice.

1- “Lifting heavy weights will make you bulk up” – I hear this from women all the time. NOT. TRUE. Women do not produce enough testosterone for the enlargement of muscles to occur. In fact, only certain body types are genetically dispositioned to gain large muscle mass easily. So ladies, start lifting, i promise you won’t turn into the female Hulk.


2- “Don’t eat in the evening” – This one’s really popular. Again FALSE! Calories count whenever they are consumed. Studies have shown that calories eaten at night are metabolized just the same as calories eaten during the day. However… the problem arises when you have a positive caloric intake for the day, meaning, you are consuming MORE calories than your body will expend for that day. Calories CAN’T tell time!!!



3- “Crunches are the key to a flat belly” – While ab exercises do strengthen the muscles around your midsection and improve your posture, being able to “SEE” your abdominal muscles has to do with your overall percentage of body fat. So, to cut a long story short: If you don’t lose your belly fat, you won’t see your packs!! 

4- “Carbohydrates make you FAT” – NOT!! Carbs per say don’t make you fat; extra calories do, whether you eat them in the form of carbs, fats, or protein. Besides, carbs include vegetables, fruits and whole grains, which are important parts of a healthy diet. In short, the problem isn’t PASTA… the problem is quantity control.

5- “The more you sweat, the more you burn” – Sweating has NOTHING to do with intensity. It is your body’s way of cooling itself down and regulating your internal body temperature. So, if you’re especially drenched after your afternoon run, that doesn’t mean you burnt any more calories than usual, sorry!

6- “Eating Fat makes you Fat! – Eat fat but don’t go overboard. And think about which fats you eat, some are better for you than others. Choose monounsaturated and polyunsaturate fats “Good Fats” (ex: avocados, peanut butter, nuts & fish), rather than saturated fats and trans fats “Bad Fats” (ex: Dairy products, beef, margarine and fried foods). FAT is NOT the enemy!


7- “Working out will turn fat into muscle” – The simple answer is NO! You simply cannot transform fat tissue into muscle. Your body can lose/gain body fat, and lose/gain muscle mass. They are two completely different processes. You can’t transfer, but you sure can replace! 

8- “Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar” – WRONG!! Brown sugar is most often white sugar that is turned brown by the reintroduction of molasses. The two variations of sugar are similar nutritionally. There is no real health benefit of using brown sugar, just slight difference in taste.


9- “The more you workout the better” – With exercise, more is not always better. Whether you exercise to lose weigh, maintain fitness, or to build muscles, don’t overtrain your body and be proud of 3 hours at the gym! Rest days are super important, even if they don’t seem that exciting. Think of it as Quality not Quantity!

10- “More caffeine = More weigh loss” – Again thats NOT true! Coffee can temporarily squelch your appetite, yes, but a couple of cups a day won’t have enough of an effect to make you lose weight. Besides, pouring too much coffee into your system (usually with cream and sugar) has more disadvantages than advantages to your body.

Rid yourself from these common mistake and watch your body get stronger, fitter, and leaner…