By Hana Kotb
For the second consecutive year, Goût de France (Good France) celebrated French gastronomy in various locations worldwide during March 2016. Over 1500 chefs on all five continents were expected to join the event. Dinners served simultaneously in participating restaurants honored the merits of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation, and its values: sharing, enjoying, and respecting the principles of high-quality, environmentally responsible cuisine.

Foie Gras

Mme Amna Hajlaoui

Tournedos de Saint Jacques (Coquille Sait-Jacques)


Roquefort, Gruyère, Brie, Chèvre Fromage


Dos de Bars rôti aux pistaches torréfiées

Paris Brest avec farandole de fraises au chocolat

Mr. Sherif, le maître d’hôtel du consulat

921403_10156695047850083_280304774607584627_o 10264009_10156695046775083_1475986858209601895_o   12095153_10156695046610083_6167842255850018884_o 12823366_10156695055160083_4484717634324362033_o This year, SeeThru was honored to be invited by H.E Mr. Nabil Hajlaoui & Mrs Hajlaoui and we visited the French Consulate to celebrate this special event with a prestigious crowd and representative figures from all reputable organizations in Alexandria.

The event took the form of a special themed dinner . We paid homage to the world-renowned of French cuisine and its abilities to innovate, the values that it carries-sharing, pleasure, and respect for “eating well”. This is the second edition after the inaugural 2015 Good France celebration, which was started after UNESCO named the French gastronomic meal to its immaterial cultural heritage.
In 1912, Auguste Escoffier started Les Dîners d’Épicure (Epicurean Diners), in which on one day, one menu is set and served in cities around the world to as many guests as possible. Last year, the first edition of Goût de France took the idea further, bringing all categories of restaurants together globally.
Objectives of this event include promoting French tourism.

This one of a kind dinner takes advantage of international visibility and aims to send a strong message to the world. Another objective of the event is to carry the colors of French cuisine with pride, sending two messages in particular. The first is that French cuisine is contemporary. Traditional French cuisine is not dominating the culinary scene nowadays.

Participating chefs were encouraged to blend their own culinary culture to that of France. The second message it aims to send is that French cuisine is healthy, innovative, and responsible. In addition to representing the heartiness associated with the pleasures of eating, food also becomes the symbol of France’s positive values.12823372_10156695047070083_9174369191855471162_o