Don’t worry, you still got a chance! Just because you don’t have a partner, doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck spending Valentine’s Day all by yourself. Want a Valentine date but don’t know how to do it? Or the idea of asking random strangers isn’t your kind of move? We’ve got you covered!

By: Reem Eid and Pery El Etreby
  1. Take your best friend out

A little act won’t harm nobody. Just take your best friend on a “pretend date” where both of you can enjoy the feeling of a normal Valentine. However, it’s better to choose someone you’re completely comfortable with, to ensure that there won’t be any awkwardness afterwards.


  1. Turn your single workout partner into your Valentine’s partner, period.

Dumbbells can be sexier than a bouquet of flowers. Enjoy a Valentine’s date at the gym with your everyday workout partner. It’s a win-win after all, don’t you think?

  1. Enough with 3rd wheeling, it’s time for a double date

Do yourself and your friends a favor and stop third wheeling this valentine. Just ask them to set you up with any of their friends to balance the ratio.

  1. It’s time to give your stalker a chance

By stalker we mean that guy/girl who has been trying desperately to ask you out and has been constantly liking all of your photos. We’re not responsible though if you found yourself in a ditch.


  1. Have some guts, go ask him out

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to ask your crush out; even if it didn’t go as expected, you can always laugh it out. It’s Valentine’s after all, if you won’t do it now, then when will you!


P.S: We’re not responsible for the consequences; we’re just speaking our minds out loud. Good luck!