By: Jomana Aly & Sarah Arafat

Rana Hemdan is an Alexandrian artist known for her individualistic paintings, exquisite digital portraits and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. We were curious to know how a young artist like herself finds inspiration for her work.
  1. What made you start painting?

Painting found on me, not the opposite. It all started when I was seven. I used to ditch the kids playing downstairs and go buy a small sketchbook, a palette of watercolors and spend all summer vacation drawing cartoon whales or something.

  1. What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

I try as much as possible to preserve the essence of the subject and distort its physical appearance as much as I feel fit. So I just paint objects or humans like how I feel they are instead of what they actually are or how I was taught they should be.

  1. What is the most challenging part about being an artist and a college student?

I guess it’s the fact that I chose to study architecture instead of going to art school. Finding the time to create both art and study architecture in theory and practice is very challenging.

  1. What’s the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

“You’ll always—in one way or another—offend someone by what you create and your actions, so don’t bother worrying about that, and take ownership of whatever you do.”

  1. What most often inspires your work?

Nature really does the trick. Sometimes I catch my self passively starring at a tree trunk for hours. It inspires, overwhelms and urges me to create all at once.

  1. What do you look for when you’re looking for something to paint?

I mostly look for a feeling. My paintings are very personal, and they are all a way to channel things I’ve felt or experienced. So I just sit down and try to visually illustrate what I’m feeling during that moment.

  1. What artists influence your work most?

God. Honestly, I’m very inspired by nature and the way He created details and patterns in everything around us. Also, Gustav Klimt too he’s my favorite human artist (LOL).

  1. What’s your favorite place to create art?

I’m a huge fan of street art, and I love outdoor painting in general. I’d rather create in a raw environment than in closed art studios.

  1. Where do you find ideas for your work these days?

I’m trying to paint motion as a subject these days, so I’ve really been observing moving objects a lot.

  1. What work of art do you wish you owned?

Klimt’s Life and Death.

  1. What international art destination do you most want to visit?



Stay tuned to her Instagram; @rana.hemdan for the latest artworks and upcoming exhibition announcements!

Here are some of our favorite artworks: