Summarize who you are in two words.

I would say a coach changes lives, so my title can be Life Changer.


What’s your philosophy about being fit and healthy?

My philosophy of a successful routine is one that fits and evolves with your lifestyle. It will always lead you to be happy and satisfied with how far you’ve come. It’s more like falling in love with the routine and the movements, reaching for joy. It’s not just a chore; it’s a state of mind. Endorphins baby!


Tell us how you got started into creating your passion into the profession you have today?

In 2010, I was skinny, but not in a good way. I didn’t like how I looked, and my eating habits weren’t healthy. They lead me to having health problems and depression. I started my fitness journey since then. I thought it would be more like a chore, but I definitely ended up falling in love with the process. In 2014, I decided to take my first course of CrossFit level one in the UK, and there I was hooked! I completed the journey in 2017 when I got CrossFit level two certified and ISSA Sports Nutrition followed. There’s a lot more on my list; you can never just stop learning!


What would you say is your favorite part of your workout?

Well, you know that feeling you get after an intense workout,  lying on the floor, feeling tired but amazing because you accomplished your target? That’s my favorite part. Of course, not every day is an outstanding performance day, but even if you did half of the intensity, you have accomplished something in your day. Just keep going!


You often say “YOUR best body, NO ONE else’s!” What’s your philosophy behind women focusing more on their self-love and working to get their best body rather than focusing so much on what we might “think” is the perfect body?

There’s always 3 components of having a positive body image:

  1. Emotional stabilitymaintaining a healthy connection with how we think and believe that there is always a better destination.
  2. Ditch comparing yourself to othersyour body is unlike any other. You are capable of a lot of things beyond your expectations that doesn’t have to be similar, better, or worse than any of your friends and competitors. It’s no competition! It’s your fears, doubts and insecurities ready to wash you away. Stay confident; confidence is sexy!
  3. Value yourselfas soon as you trust yourself, you will learn how to live.


What’s one quote or mantra you live by?

“Sky is the limit, never doubt yourself, stay focused, never let anything slow or stop you from concurring your goals and making your dreams happen!” -Myles Jury


Who gives you the most inspiration?

Well, the person who inspires me and pushes me the most is my elder sister. She booked me my CrossFit level two course in UAE without me knowing. She just believes in me and my passion. And of course, CrossFit athlete Katrin Davidsdottir.


Describe the most perfect day. What does this look like?

I would say my perfect day would start with me waking up by 7 AM in a hut on the beach with a perfect CrossFit box right next to my hut, where I train alongside my dog. And after I finish my workout and coaching my clients, I can spend the rest of my day chilling by the sea. There, just this!


Now back to reality. What’s your actual typical day look like?

Well, my day is a bit of a routine. I wake up by 7 AM, have breakfast, go workout, then head off to my corporate job. Afterwards, I coach my sessions in the evening. If I have extra time, I’ll go hang out with friends. Then, I’ll be in bed by 11 PM maximum for a minimum of seven hours of sleep for my recovery.


What makes you laugh, smile, and be joyful?

Having a stable life, a happy family and my friends! Also, reaching new PRs (Personal Records)!


In your opinion, what is the most important thing in a workout?

It’s 80% nutrition and 20% workout. When I took my ISSA nutrition course, my lifestyle changed dramatically, knowing what my body needs exactly to get the fuel out of food and knowing how to sleep well, when to meditate, and also when my body needs a break from training. That’s just what anyone needs.


In your opinion, what is the most important thing in a workout?

For my clients, usually a customized program that fits all their needs is exactly what they want. It doesn’t have to be an intense training session or a death workout; it’s just what your body needs to get going and show progress. The process is so worth every second. It’s like investing in your health for yourself.


What are a few tips you live by to be healthy, lean, and fit?

I would recommend not cutting your carbs out! It’s the saddest thing ever. Instead, you can have your carbs revolving around your workout, which would help you a lot. By doing so, you have immediate fuel and energy because you retain your glycogen stores and increase muscle growth and retention.

Wake up early, and have your day planned the night before.

Set your priorities straight, and when the morning comes and your alarm goes off, don’t hit the snooze button. Just count in your head, “1..2..3,” and get up!


So where can everyone keep up with you to learn more?

I’m currently coaching in Stadium and the 220, and I also have online nutrition programs alongside workout programs. Follow me on instagram at @farida_awad!