It’s on! This is #ExpressThru’s second contribution.


Basic human principle’s, The DOs and the DONTs, The ABCs developed by any normal human, being throughout his/her life, are suddenly not so clear anymore.

I used to believe that everyone lived by a code, his own version of right and wrong. Whether it’s religion or basic human nature, the code used to mean something. Unfortunately, as we grow up principles are broken on a daily basis. It’s like stepping on fallen twigs.

Principles slowly lose their value! We live in a society that knows no wrong or right. We were raised to believe that good deeds were rewarded and bad deeds were punished. We were raised in a time where there’s black and there’s white. We now live in shades of grey! Religion isn’t something most people live by and codes are broken just for the fun of it. People look for the momentary pleasure of it.

In a sad confused environment, people look for ways to escape. They sometimes go about looking for an escape in a really wrong direction. They reach a point where it’s okay to do something wrong if it’s going to make them “happy”as if it’s the ultimate happiness! ” I’ll do it just this once ” That’s where it all begins and it’s just downhill from there. Ironically in such a confused society, Idealism is considered foolish.

The only few people left hanging on to their primary Dos and Don’ts are considered uptight and plain weird. They’re always told to loosen up! To try to enjoy life for a change!

So now fun mostly means wrong and Ideals are weird? That’s just great. A few years from now, we will become the parents, the leaders of a new generation, we’ll be the ones supposed to teach our children about Idealism and how to become decent human beings. How can we help them find their code, when we’ve lost ours?