It’s on! #ExpressThru’s first contribution has finally kicked in.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Am I the prettiest of them all?

My mirror said, “Oh, dear! Is that your face?!

Where’s your Kylie nude lipstick case?


God help me, are those dark circles I see?

Run and grab your Maybelline

Hurry up! Conceal and contour

Before you dare walk out of this door


Get back here, I’m not done yet!

Go out like this, and you’ll regret!

Do this and that and some other stuff,

Still your eyebrows aren’t thick enough!”


Now I don’t know what to do

And whether my mirror’s words were true

Then, I checked my make-up kit

Opened the drawer and asked, is that it?


I see no Kylie lipstick kit

And what the hell did she mean by nude?

No way I’m taking my clothes off!

Gosh, this mirror is so rude


There’s no harm to ask a friend

One who’s good at make-up and doesn’t pretend

Malak, my friend, made it crystal clear

It’s time to show the mirror how I’ll appear


Blend, blend. .Conceal and contour

Now I dare To walk out of this door!


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Am I the prettiest of them all?

“No, no, no! Your hair is a mess!

And go put on a tight, short dress


I curled my locks and wore a dress

My mirror said I have to impress

Finally got my look “on trend”

On my dinner date with my boyfriend


“You look beautiful,” he said

I was speechless, so instead

I told him all about my mirror

This is when things got clearer


“I’m sorry that you believe

That make up is what you need

And that you’re dress and your hair

Are the reasons that I care.”


So here you go girls. Your clothes don’t define your beauty, and neither does your on fleek eyeliner. On the other hand, your personality and behavior do—and don’t listen to your mirror! And remember… You DON’T have to contour to walk out the door!